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Food Items

Any kind of prepackaged snack foods
Apple Cider Mix Packets
Applesauce in pouches
Beef Jerky
Beef summer sausage
Breakfast and granola bars
Candies that travel well, like gummy bears and licorice and trail mix.
Can chips, Pringles, Single serve bags of chips.
Canned soup, any canned food they love - without pork
Cereal, single sized boxes
Cheese crackers
Cheese in a can
Chex mix, individual packets
Chips, individual packets
Chocolate- any kind that travels well.
Chocolate biscuits
Chocolate drink mixes
Coca Cola and other soft drinks in bottles
Coffee, Instant and Flavored coffee mixes
Coffee creamer and sugar, each in individual packets
Country time lemonade and sweetened powders
Cracker Jacks
Cracker- i.e. Triscuits and Ritz
Crunch & Munch
Cup Of Noodles
Dried Fruit
Easy Cheese
Fast food condiments (Hot sauce, ketchup, mustard,salt and pepperĀ  packets, relish, Mayo,etc)
Fresh breeze or other throat lozenge
Fruit Roll Ups
Fruit, canned for one in pull back lids
Granola Bars
Hard Candies
Hot chocolate, individual serves
Jelly, individual packs
Juice in pouches or boxes (i.e. Capri Sun,etc)
Kool aid, pre sweetened
Life saver candy
Lunch box size-Jolly ranchers
Lunchables (non refrigerated)
Mini Marshmallows for Hot Chocolate mix
Non-melting candy, gum, marshmallows, lollipops
Noodle packets-instant
Pop Tarts
Popcorn, Microwave packs (some units have access to microwaves)
Powered hot chocolate
Powdered sugared drink mixes (Gatorades, Kool-Aid, etc.)
Ragu Express
Ramen Noodle soup
Ravioli, canned with pop top/pull back lid
Rice Krispie treats
Salsa and corn chips
Shoe string potato sticks in a can
Slim Jims
Soup, instant or canned
Sunflower Seeds-individual packs
Tea- powdered lemon tea or Iced tea mix
Tea bags
Throat Lozenges
Tostitos snack packs
Trial mix
Tuna snack kits
Turkey breast in pouch or cans with pop top/pull back lids
Water- bottled drinking water.

*Please keep in mind, that this list was put together for any care packages. Some items may not be a good selection depending on where your Marine is at*

Food Items
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Free Time Materials
Themed Care Packages
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