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Toiletries and Personal Items

(Travel size where applicable)
After shave lotion
Antibiotic cream
Baby powder
Baby wipes
Big bath towel & wash cloth (dark colors only)
Black Kiwi cream shoe polish (paste only)
Blister pads
Boot powder
Breath mints
Bug repellent & Mosquito Coils
Charmex (tub style)-i.e.. Wal-Mart has for 1$ (these can be used as cold and hot compresses too)
Clorox/antibacterial wipes- for surfaces
Combs, brushes
Comfort bath body towellettes (1pkg. is 2 complete body baths)
Cot organizer
Cotton balls
Dental Floss
Deodorant, sample size
Disposable cameras
Disposable razors
Dr. Scholl's footpads
Dust masks
Emergency toothache kit
Eye drops
Face cleaning wet pads
Facial tissue
Fly swatters
Gel insoles
Gold Bond (for feet)
Hand warmers (little bag type warmers)
Hand/Body lotion (unscented)
Imodium pills, ibuprofen, aspirin, cough drops,etc.
Insect Repellent (or skin so soft by Avon)
Lip balm with sunscreen, also handy in winter
Liquid antibacterial soap
Medicated foot powder
Mouth wash (make sure it doesn't contain alcohol)
Nail file and clipper
Odor eaters (for boots)
Parachute cord or small line for laundry
Personal cooling system from Sharper Image
Plastic bags, trash and zip lock
Rolaids or Tums
Saline nasal spray
Shampoo & conditioner, sample sizes
Saving cream-individual use sachets are great
Shower shoes
Single use cold compresses
Skin softeners (moisturizes)
Soap or body wash
Soap, for body and clothes
Socks- white
T-shirts and undershirts-white
Solar shower
Sports cream or ben-gay
Squeeze breeze
Standard bed pillow/ case (dark colors only) you can roll pillow- to squeeze out all the air and secure with shipping tape to keep it small for shipping
Sunglasses (wrap around)
Sunscreen/Sun block-even in winter areas, the sun can be harsh
Thermal underwear
Toilet paper/tissue
Toothpaste & toothbrush
Vaseline skin care lotion
Vitamins, multi, c, zinc, b-12, etc
Wash cloth
Waterless antibacterial hand soap
Wet ones
Wool/cotton blend or 100% cotton men's socks (dark solid colors)
Zinc oxide
Ziploc bags-dollar tree has these for a dollar and the ones with zipper work the best!

Food Items
Toiletries and Personal Items
Free Time Materials
Themed Care Packages
Guideline For Sending Packages