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Rank Structure

Warrant officers specialize in their respective fields, providing leadership and training to the Marines in their military occupational specialty. A warrant is approved by the secretary of the Navy for a staff non-commissioned officer to be appointed a warrant officer. Warrant officers can become commissioned officers, though they will generally serve as technical advisors, providing expertise to commands and organizations in their field.

A chief warrant officer serving as an infantry weapons officer also carries the title, "Marine Gunner", which does not replace his rank. However, a Marine Gunner replaces the chief warrant officer insignia on the left collar with a bursting bomb insignia.

    Warrant Officer       WO       W-1 
     Chief Warrant Officer 2       CWO2       W-2 
    Chief Warrant Officer 3       CWO3       W-3 
    Chief Warrant Officer 4       CWO4       W-4 
    Chief Warrant Officer 5       CWO5       W-5 

Commissioned officers are college graduates who have earned and accepted an appointment issued in the name of the president of the United States. Their commission gives them the responsibility of leading Marines as they defend the Constitution of the United States. Commissioned officer ranks are further subdivided into generals, field-grade, and company-grade officers. The commandant of the Marine Corps and the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps are four-star ranks.

    Second Lieutenant       2NDLT       O-1 
    First Lieutenant       1STLT       O-2 
    Captain       CAPT       O-3 
    Major       MAJOR       O-4 
    Lieutenant Colonel       LtCol       O-5 
    Colonel       COL       O-6 
    Brigadier General       BGEN       O-7 
    Major General       MGEN       O-8 
    Lieutenant General      LTGEN       O-9 
    General       GEN       O-10